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Non-Contact Surface Metrology

SENSOFAR USA, LLC is a leading-edge technology company developing and manufacturing advanced systems for non-contact surface metrology. Our systems provide fast and accurate 3D optical metrology, combining the patented technologies of interferometry, confocal microscopy, and focus variation measurements in a single instrument platform. Each of these technologies has advantages for specific applications and having all three in the same fast, easy to use system provides the highest flexibility available today.

From basic setups for R&D and quality inspection laboratories, to complete custom non-contact surface metrology solutions for online production processes, Sensofar USA offers technology that enables our customers to achieve breakthroughs in semiconductor, precision optics, data storage, display devices, thick and thin films and material testing technologies in more than 15 countries.

Sensofar USA: Non-contact 3D Surface Metrology

3D surface metrology describes the measurement and characterization of micro- and nano-scale features on natural or manufactured surfaces. This can be achieved very efficiently by capturing the 3D spatial coordinates of points on a surface using a non-destructive optical technique.

Optical measurement systems have some crucial advantages over tactile (stylus-based) approaches. First and foremost, the measurement is non-contact, so no damage can occur to the object being measured. Optical techniques can measure through transparent media. They are fast and flexible, and they also yield 3D (areal) results. Last but not least, absolute measurement performance is dependent upon wavelength and numerical aperture, without the limitations imposed by the physical size of a stylus tip.

The most common optical techniques available are confocal, interferometry and focus variation. Each of these has their own particular set of strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, in order to provide the user with maximum versatility for 3D surface measurements across varying scales and structure types, Sensofar Metrology’s high-end optical profiler systems uniquely incorporate the three most common optical techniques in a single sensor head.

While still fragmented, the rapid growth in this applications space is in part due to the capture of market share from the often inherently slow and ‘2D only’ tactile approaches. However, an increasingly dominant element is the ‘enabler’ aspect of an optical approach – that is, the surface measurement was previously simply not possible.

What does 3D Surface Metrology measure?

Very generally, both natural and manufactured surfaces comprise a primary shape or form (topography), with varying degrees of structure, waviness and roughness (2D/3D). All of these surface features will contain both intentional and unintentional (controlled/uncontrolled) contributions.

The relative significance of these contributions is determined by the application (noting that uncontrolled contributions are not necessarily undesirable). The goal of a measurement is to evaluate – qualify and quantify – the differing contributions, either in support of a fundamental scientific research finding, or with regard to a target industrial application.

Depending on the field or application, the structure, waviness and roughness contributions might be categorized as finish, haptic, texture, defects, marks, micro-wear and much more. Alternatively, the user may be looking to determine critical dimensions, step-height, peak-to-valley, volume or slope, or even map coating thickness and other surface characteristics.

If the goal is to determine areal (3D) surface texture, the results can be also be rigorously tied to the appropriate parameters as defined by the increasingly prevalent ISO 25178 standard. In industrial (surface) manufacturing, the adoption of best practices tied to widely accepted standards can make manufacturing more efficient, reproducible and traceable.

Typical applications sectors include general scientific and materials research, optoelectronics, data storage, automotive, medical technology, energy, and optics & optoelectronics. Specific applications include additive manufacturing, automotive and consumer electronics, ballistics, CMP pad monitoring, micropaleontology, nano-technology, micromanufacturing, optics, surface inspection, surface functionality and passivation.

The sheer breadth of 3D surface and 2D profile metrology tasks across so many scientific and industrial applications points directly to the outright practicality of Sensofar Metrology’s ‘3-in-1’ approach.

Sensofar USA Product Line

Sensofar USA S neox

S neox


Sensofar USA opens the door for a new 3D experience with the S neox non-contact 3D optical profiler.

The S neox outperforms all existing optical profilers, combining confocal microscopy, interferometry, and focus variation techniques in the same sensor head without any moving parts.

Its compact design is ideal for obtaining a fast, non-invasive assessment of the micro- and nanogeometry of technical surfaces in multiple configurations.

 S neox, the best of three techniques. + info

Sensofar USA Plu apex

Plu apex


The PLu apex is an optical profiler capable of accurately measuring the form of any optical surface including simple spherical, aspheric, flat, and even free-form optics.

Its innovative design is based on Sensofar’s proprietary confocal tracking technology, which allows non-contact high precision measurement at speeds up to 1 mm/s.

The Apex is equipped with a high-precision linear air bearing stage and powerful aspheric curve analysis software as well as fast, easy to use alignment technology.   + info

Sensofar USA Q six

Q six


The Q six is a system for assisted stent inspection. The Q six has been designed as a comprehensive solution for simplifying and streamlining stent assessment and approval.

The proprietary technology provides high quality images of outer and inner surfaces as well as the sidewalls of stents that can be used for dimensional analysis as well as defect identification and classification. The estimated inspection time for a coronary stent is only one to five minutes.

 The Q six is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.  + info

Sensofar USA S mart

S mart


The S mart is a non-contact, 3D metrology system designed to be integrated into production systems to withstand harsh environments.  The S Mart is extremely compact. lightweight, and with a optically sealed sensor head that contains no moving parts, it is able to remain clean and aligned in varying conditions.

The S mart is designed with three technologies in one sensorhead: confocal, interferometry (PSI, ePSI, & VSI), and focus variation.  The S Mart is the ultimate in-line metrology system for production! +info

Sensofar USA S smart CMP

S mart CMP


The S mart CMP is an immersion optical metrology system designed for insitu surface metrology of CMP pads while they are still on the polisher. The optical sensor head can be placed inside the polisher for wet pad measurement; one stand-alone system can be used to monitor multiple polishers

It is possible to monitor pad glazing and groove occlusion in situ at various points in the pad’s life cycle. This implementation of in-situ metrology has been proven to dramatically increase pad life. +info

Sensofar USA S lynx

S lynx

NEW FOR 2016

Sensofar systems is proud to announce the S lynx, a compact, 3D optical profiler.  The S lynx has a compact design with a small footprint (275 x 365 x 510mm ) that integrates the sensor head, controller, and stand in the same platform.  With 33 available objectives the S lynx offers flexibility to measure a multitude of topographies and textures.

The S lynx is designed with three technologies in one sensorhead: confocal, interferometry (VSI), and focus variation. +info

Sensofar USA S ONIX

S onix

NEW FOR 2016

The S onix addresses the need for outright high speed – and thus high throughput – surface metrology in in-line production and process control, and is positioned as the fastest industrial system available today.

The S onix is the ultimate system for high speed, in-line metrology system for production!. +info

Sensofar USA AVIT 5



The AVIT 5 is a state-of-the-art active benchtop vibration isolation system from Sensofar USA. Aside from its low-profile carbon design, the AVIT 5 has expanded application capabilities. Main features are the automated transport locking mode and fully automatic load adjustment which makes the handling extremely straightforward.

AVIT 5 is a multifunctional active vibration isolation system for a variety of applications +info

Sensofar USA Custom Solutions



Sensofar USA systems are designed around modular components that allow flexible configuration and custom solutions. The sensor head is compact and can be mounted on a variety of stands and bases. Systems have been designed and delivered for measurement of substrates as large as 600x700mm, and with the proper fixturing larger samples can be accommodated.

It is possible to achieve fully automatic 3D inspection and reporting through the SensoPRO control software +info

Designed and Made in Barcelona

SENSOFAR-TECH was founded in 2001 in Terrassa, Spain  as spin-off company from CD6 (Centre for Sensor, Instrument and Systems Development of the Technical University of Catalonia, UPC).

Sensofar continues to be a world leading innovator for 3D optical metrology.

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